Customer Loyalty and Repeat Sales


The main function of a warranty programme is to solve a customer’s problem: the unexpected breakdown or failure of business-critical equipment that is costing them time and money.


Customers have high expectations that breakdowns and failures will be repaired even after the base warranty has expired. And it’s this post-base warranty scenario that can be a headache for manufacturers and dealers.


We provide extended warranty programmes for new and used machinery that ensure your customers are looked after to the same high standards way beyond when the base warranty has expired.


That’s great for customers because we save them time and money. And it’s great for you and your dealerships because it builds loyalty and trust in your brand which will be a critical factor in ensuring repeat business.

Parts Revenue Growth

Manufacturers benefit from a second revenue stream through increased revenues on the sale of their genuine parts for repairs on new and used machinery.

We mandate on dealerships using only genuine parts for any repairs. Given that we reimburse dealerships the full RRP for every part, the manufacturer benefits from a parts revenue stream for the lifetime of the extended warranty. Plus, this prevents other parts makers benefitting at your expense.

Importantly, this reimbursement is paid for by EPG Global directly to the dealership, or to the manufacturer if preferable. All the customers see is that their equipment is repaired by their local dealership, completely confident that only your genuine parts have been used.

We mandate on dealerships using only genuine parts for any repairs under our extended warranty programmes

Improved Financial

You remove the liability of running an extended warranty programme internally for new and used equipment by allowing us to manage it for you. We take on the risk and ensure dealerships and customers are looked after to the exact same high standards as they would expect and receive from you.

By removing this liability, you benefit by improving your company’s financial metrics and credit rating.


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