Our Purpose, Niche and Core Values are a clear and concise definition of who we are as a company and underpin how we work with clients and business partners.


To deliver tailor-made products, dedicated claims handling and full-service administration to our customers and business partners worldwide


Expertise, experience and knowledge in safeguarding our customers’ assets and business interests in the agricultural, construction and associated industries

Core Values

Partnership, Innovative, Passionate & Integrity


• Building long-term relationships with our customers and business partners
• Working as a team to help all stakeholders achieve their objectives
• Collaborative behaviour, attitude and environment


• Challenging the norm and proposing new ideas
• Open-minded and forward-thinking
• Embracing and welcoming change


• Drive to perform your role to the best of your abilities
• Having the energy and enthusiasm to get things done
• Demonstrable commitment to the company’s core values


• Reliable, honest and true to our word
• Strong moral principles and ethical conduct
• Treating everyone with respect


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