Coverage Comparison

Not all machinery extended warranties are built equal. Although alternative providers offer extended warranties none can offer extensive coverage protection and unrivalled service provided by EPG Global. Below are just some of the common coverage and service gaps:

EPG Global Extended Warranty Coverage
Alternative Provider Extended Warranty Coverage
We pay up to 100% of the value of the machine, double the amount of some alternative providers
Claims limited to just 50% of the value of the machine
There are no deductibles with EPG’s coverage, meaning there are no surprise costs for the customer
Excess / Deductibles are included in the extended warranty, meaning higher costs for the customer
We reimburse parts at the manufacturer’s full RRP and labour at the retail charge out rate
Parts and labour reimbursed at less than full value
Pre-authorisation is not required to complete any claim, meaning we get customers’ equipment back up and running as quickly as possible
Pre-authorisation required for all repairs, meaning delays for customers
We offer coverage on the major electrical components, giving peace of mind that essential electrical components are covered
No coverage for electrical components, disqualifying many key components
We offer worldwide coverage, meaning our coverage is retained if the machine moves from country to country
Coverage is limited to specific countries or regions
Our coverage sheets make the list of covered components crystal clear. If it’s on our list, it’s covered.
Impenetrable coverage sheets, littered with exclusions, making it difficult for the customer to know what is and what isn’t covered.
We offer comprehensive coverage on both new and used machinery, making it easier for everyone to buy and sell equipment with confidence
Coverage is available for either new or used machinery, but not both
We know that the replacement cost of an engine, transmission or hydraulics can run into the thousands, possibly tens of thousands. That’s why we pay up to 100% of the value of the machine.
Claims limited to less than the value of replacing major components
We don’t need an inspection or oil samples. As long as you tell us you have the service history, that’s all we need to get you covered.
Full inspection required (including oil samples) before coverage is granted
All our claims are managed in-house by our specialist engineers who are steeped in industry experience and who only work on equipment claims
Claims managed by inexperienced personnel or outsourced to a third party lacking in equipment experience
Our extended warranties are always transferable regardless of the claims history, making it much easier for the customer to resell the machine
The extended warranty is transferable on condition that it is claims free
There is no fee to transfer our extended warranty
The extended warranty is transferable, but a fee is chargeable to do so
We are completely independent and are constantly scouring the insurance market to provide the most competitive price for our clients
Tied to specific insurers, thereby limiting the ability to seek out and offer the best price
Our product is sold to the dealership not the customer, making life much easier for dealerships as they do not need to become a regulated entity
Product is sold by the dealership to the customer, meaning the dealership must become a regulated entity with the burden of the associated regulatory and compliance requirements
We have a team of fluent language speakers in major global business languages who are expert in managing claims, policy administration and customer account management
Limited language capabilities, making it difficult to communicate with clients
We can build bespoke online platforms in our clients’ branding with quote, registration and claim management in multiple languages and currencies
Basic online platform in generic branding with no multi-lingual or multi-currency capabilities

For the most comprehensive extended warranty coverage available, make sure you check the terms and conditions to avoid these common gaps in alternative providers’ coverage and service. Please see our terms and conditions for full details.

Coverage Level Highlights

We offer three levels of cover to protect the major powertrain, hydraulic and electronic components which can be adapted to accommodate any specific coverage requirements for your machinery and equipment. We have over 60 detailed coverage sheets that set out the detailed coverage available for every type of machine or equipment in our warranty programmes.



Provides coverage for the major powertrain components


Powertrain Plus

Provides coverage for the major powertrain components and the major hydraulic and electronic components



The most comprehensive coverage for new machinery with additional protection for the chassis/main frame and electrical components

Timeline Overview

Your dedicated Programme Launch Manager will ensure everything is ready from our side in 8-12 weeks. So in under three months, you and your dealerships can expect to start benefiting from the commercial advantages of our programme whilst we can begin to keep your customers happy and loyal to your brand.


Launch personnel introductory meeting


Define Service Level Agreements


Create pricing metrics


Define reporting variables and frequency


Create portal and URL


Set up dedicated email account


Produce branded documentation


Produce local language versions as required


Undertake dealership training


Produce customer sales material


Programme launch


Regular reporting and programme reviews


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