Commercial & Financial

Dealerships rely on servicing and parts to generate the lion’s share of their income. Our warranty programme positively impacts their absorption rate, helping them exceed the common benchmark figure of 85%. Firstly, we reimburse dealerships at the full RRP on all genuine manufacturer parts bought under our  warranty programme.

  • Firstly, we reimburse dealerships at the full RRP on all genuine manufacturer parts bought under our warranty programme.
  • Secondly, we reimburse labour at their full retail charge out rate helping to offset lower rates on internal work and discounts.
  • Thirdly, the dealership can tie in servicing and repair work for the lifetime of the warranty. The longer the warranty, the more they benefit.

Our warranty programmes help dealerships exceed the 85% benchmark absorption rate


Online Platform
& Training

We make all the necessary information available on an online portal dedicated to your equipment. We create and brand the portal in your visual identity, in local languages as required and ensure that the URL incorporates your brand name.

The portal is a secure access website with all the access credentials issued by us to your authorised dealerships.

To make it as easy as possible for dealerships to start selling warranties from day one, we provide comprehensive training on the policy coverage, features and benefits and how to use the portal. All in local language if required.


We make sure dealerships have everything they need to provide a first-class service to customers and enjoy the commercial benefits of our extended warranty programme.

Our normal starting point is to create all the pricing metrics for every make and model of machine across all levels of available coverage. We produce and issue all the contracts, the terms and conditions and all other associated documentation.

We take a different approach to other providers on used equipment by not requiring a full inspection report as long the dealership conforms it has the full service history. Dealerships are very appreciative of our approach as it removes a time-consuming burden from them.


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